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Booking for kunder med årsparkering
PS! NYTT MOBILNR FRA 1 OKTOBER 2023. Mobilnr 0034 722 51 83 77
NB! Legg inn navn og mail på den som eier kontrakten! Annen person kan føre til at booking blir slettet.
Dersom du ønsker batteri frakoblet
, så må det legges info om det i hver booking. Legg da info i samme tekst som bilens reg nr er lagt inn. VIKTIG.
Trykk BOOKE NÅ for å å legge inn din bestilling.

PS! NYTT MOBILNR FRA 1 OKTOBER 2023. Mobilnr 0034 722 51 83 77

Dette er oss

Du finner oss på Alicante flyplass.

Costa Blanca Parking består av en mix med eiere og ansatte fra Costa Blanca Holiday service.
Som gir deg en fantastisk forutsetning for å kunne sette fra deg bilen, og slappe helt av når du er hjemme .
Du vil finne en rekke tjenester som letter ditt bilhold.


  • ​Helårsparkering 275 Euro pr år.
    12 parkeringer pr år ( 12 leveringer+ 12 hentinger )
    Dette er parkering ute.
    Bil vaskes lett for støv før tilbakelevering


  • ​Halvårsparkering 200 Euro pr år.6 parkeringer pr halvår ( 6 leveringer+ 6 hentinger )Dette er parkering ute.
    Bil vaskes lett for støv før tilbakelevering


  • ​1 Mnd parkering, 100 Euro. Sammenhengende parkering.
    Dette er parkering ute.
    Bil vaskes lett for støv før tilbakelevering


  • 1 uke parkering, 60 Euro. Sammenhengende parkering,

  • Døgnparkering, 12 Euro pr påbegynte døgn.


  • 1 år parkering under tak, 525 Euro

  • 2 års parkering under tak, 975 euro

  • 3 års parkering under tak, 1300 euro


  • Vi har pre ITV, ITV, Service etc...... som vi kan få fikset for deg. Spør oss etter prisliste.


Vi tilbyr dere å sette fra dere bilen i trygge omgivelser til den latterlig lave prisen av 275 Euro i året.
Bilen kan parkeres 12 ganger pr år.
Foreløpig bare ute parkering.

Be oss om tilbud ved å trykke på denne teksten


parkere bilen din billig hos oss om du skal være borte noen dager.
12 Euro pr døgn, og max 60 Euro pr uke.
Max 100 Euro pr Måned..
Det betyr at du kan stå i 14 dager for bare 100 Euro, Eller 30 dager for kun 100 Euro.
Prøv oss !

Be om tilbud 


Vi kan ta med oss bilen til til vårt faste verksted, og få fikset hva du måtte ønske.Du vil selvsagt få et pris overslag før du takker ja til jobben.Dette er samme verksted so leiebil firma bruker, så her er det gode mekanikere.


Be oss om tilbud ved å trykke denne teksten


Ikke alltid like lett å huske eller får fikset eu kontroll når man er på reisefot.Vi kan ta dette for deg.Du velger om du bare vil ha oss til å sende bilen på kontroll, eller og du vil ha oss til ta ta en pre-ITV sjekk først. dersom du tar pre-ITV test først, så finner de ut om den er klar og uten feil.Om noe må gjøres før ITV kontroll, så får du selvsagt pris på jobben før de gjør noe.


Spør oss om alternativer ved å trykke her 


Vi kan vaske bilen til du kommer.Vi kan ta vask både utvendig og innvendig.


Spør oss om pris på dette :-)

Terms and conditions on the service and parking of Costa Blanca Parking

. According to the Regulatory law of the contract of parking of wehicles( Law 40/2002, of November 14 ) the holder of the parking is responsible for the damages that the vehicle or the user should suffer, except from damages made by a third party( other car, burgler, destroyer, etc… ) or parking user to your car. So in the following cases:


Personal damage for bad state or bad maintenance of the facilities. Damage of the vehicle suffered by detachments, floods for breake of tubes, etc… Damage for theft in the vehicle , break of glass, disapperarance of the proper vehicle etc… In the damage for theft, there remain excluded all those accessories of the vehicle that are not a part fixed or inseparable of the same one.

The company does not accept liability for damage to vehicles or other property arising from acts of nature as the car parks open-air surface operations.

Liability will be accepted only if it has been reported within our premises. We won`t accept any liability or claims made by different parking user to your car. we have official complaints forms available at our office.




This is a summary of the most important obligations: Costa Blanca Parking is responsible for any damage done by our employees. Damage done by other drivers/cars, is to be covered by driver/ their insurance. All other damage is to be covered by our insurance or your own insurance. The one that cover problem best. Mechanical problems in not our responsibility. Empty the car for value items. Report damage at once.


Obligations of the user.


The client is recommended to take the object and accessories that are not fixed, as the radio, car papers, or gps navigators. We won`t take any claims for loss, or damage of car covers, neither our workers will be obligated to place them. ( but you can ask for permission to make someone do it ).

Liability will be accepted only if has been reported within our premisses. We won`t accept any liability or claims made by different parking user to your car. Our company , or our employees don`t check the mechanical or aesthetic status of the car by its reception. We don`t take pictures of the existing damages or test the car before it is parked. Therefore in order to make a successful claim against our company for damages on the car, the client is obligated to take pictures of the car, or the existing damages, in order to perform a claim against our company for those damages. Without pictures of the car at the time of the parking( made at delivery point ) the company will deny any whatsoever responsibility.

The user is obligated to have legal insurance on the car. Included insurance for fire, theft and damage by violence. Needed for the purpose of cover when our own insurance company refuses to cover or take liability. We all knows insurances, and sometimes claims get rejected or are not covered.

Is compulsory to show identification like passport of driver license to get the car back. Car will only be delivered to the person who owns the contract or any person named in sms, or mail to us before pickup. If car get stolen by any person because of someone knows who is getting the car, or shows us id that matches info, Costa Blanca parking can not be held responsible.

If the user drives in our facility and then do any damage on property, or other cars, user is responsible for all cost. Including damage on any person. You are advised to allow for sufficient journey time to do deliver or receive car. We cannot be held liable for any circumstance that could make you miss your flight. The parking user is responsible to locate and find meeting point. We are not responsible if its hard to find it and the stress caused.

On long term membership contracts, the clients are obligated to notify at least 24 Hours before their car pickup, og the parking.

Rights of the holder of the parking.

The holder of the parking will have, opposite to any person , right of retention on the vehicle as a guarantee of the payment of the price of the parking. T

he company reserves the right to change our prices or offers without prior notice. Our rates does include V.A T. The holder of the parking will be able to use the legal procedure following the article 71 of the articulated text of the law on traffic when a car remains parked for quite long period of time without having any feedback from the owners ( 3 month after contract/booking have ended ).

The company and its employees have full right to drive and park your car for the best organization of our parking compound. The client must leave his keys at all times. The car can only be driven within our parking lots, to and from meeting point and to wash, cleaning and other services orders by client. In all long term contracts the company will never reimburse any money if the user is not using his/her parking space for any reason. The company could follow the legal procedure described on the 71st article of the traffic law, when a car parked for such a long time, showing clear signs of abandonment or no interest in its use.

The company has the right to not perform cleaning or other tasks if the weather conditions are not optimal. We will not be held responsible if the car has any mechanical failure, battery-start problems, electric window failure, car keys, buttons etc…. We will try to help the customers, but we do not have any responsibility at all.

The company will not be liable if the car loses any removable parts : mirrors, scape tails, antennas, etc…

The company has the right to reject a booking if the car is not drivable or its size could cause any problems. Bigger cars or vans will get quote . caravans double price Company can change conditions at any time. Parking after conditions changed and notified at web page, is the same as accept of new terms.

Any payment done after notified, is also legally accepted new terms.

We will treat your personal detail according to Spanish law. You can change personal info at any given time. If any words in this is wrong spelled, or give no meaning, the intention is still the valid obligation for both parts

Ta kontakt 
0034 722 51 83 77  ( SMS HELST )

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